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How does music make a difference in our lives?

Well there’s a ton of ways. it has been proven that people percieve waiting times as shorter when there’s music playing. There’s a lot of money beeing made in the music business so that boosts the economy ;). Music makes everything better, parties, chilling with friends, beeing alone etc.

Music is a great form of expression and can be used to send a political message or make a statement about society.

Sadly this is not done as often as it could be today. Music is a great way to bring people together in a peacful way and just enjoy life together. It gives you a feeling of comunity with all the other people that enjoy the same music you do.

Music is a great way to bridge gaps between people of different backgrounds races etc.

Music can expose you to different cultures and broaden your horizon. Even if it’s a bit weird sometimes 😉

Music is a great way to share personal struggles and reaching out to other people who are going through bad times to maybe lift them up and show them they’re not alone.

Music is great for setting the mood increasing tension, drama, fear etc. in movies, tv shows, video games, anime and other media.

There’s so many great things about music and I probably missed a few. Like how does music help your brain by learning about rythm melodies etc. I don’t want to be writing all night sry ;).

I listen to music all the time and I love it, if i didn’t have it life would be way less enjoyable that’s all I can say :).

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